Gator rope cutters are manufactured to order in our very own modern precision engineering factory using the latest CNC machinery.

About Gators

Strategically Reinforced.

Developed over a period of five years, This extensively field tested rope cutter represents the current state of the art in this technological area. Manufactured entirely from 316 stainless steel, Gators rope cutters have needle-sharp serrated teeth which are designed in such away as to cut and tear apart potentially disabling material before it has any chance of fouling your propeller. Gator rope cutters are also strategically reinforced in all key areas to ensure maximum strength and durability. All steel parts are machined at our own premises, enabling us to maintain the strictest quality control and ensuring close tolerances. It was observed that other products on the market were potentially flawed in their design.The Gator rope cutter has been engineered to the highest standards to overcome these limitations.

What is a ropecutter?

Gators are a new range of rope cutters, designed to overcome the shortcomings and problems of many existing devices on the market. You may be asking yourself “Do I need a Gator rope cutter?”, or “What does a rope cutter do?”. Rope cutters are devices which are designed to cut through ropes, nets, plastic bags, fishing lines etc… which may otherwise become bound around your propeller and/or propeller shaft. Modern synthetic materials used for making ropes and nets for maritime use have exacerbated the problem and may not only become entangled, but also actually melt and become bonded to your propeller shaft. The dangers resulting from this can result in anything from running aground to loss of life.

Prevents Strike Out.

The Gators rope cutters serrated blades close in reverse scissor action, which positively traps any rope or line, preventing any possibility of strike out, unlike the conventional scissor action of some designs which positively encourage strike-out, giving the rope or line yet another chance to inflict damage and disable your vessel. Designed with computers using the latest CAD software, all 316 stainless steel parts are machined with computer controlled lathes and machining centers to very fine tolerances, ensuring full interchangeability of parts with the utmost precision.

Easily Fitted.

Gator rope cutters have low friction plastic bearings moulded from DELRIN, a top grade engineering plastic with very low wear characteristics. Regular inspections are of course advised, but with normal use the bearings should last for several seasons. Apart from the bearings, there are no other wearing parts on Gators prop protectors, which being manufactured from 316 stainless steel with its legendary corrosion resistance, have no need for any additional anodic protection. All Gator rope cutter components are computer machined and assembled in our own precision engineering company, enabling us to maintain the strictest quality control and delivery schedules possible. Gators are easily fitted by a competent person in just a few hours using only simple tools without having to remove the propeller. Gators rope cutters are available for all shaft sizes from 1″ to 3″ (25-75 mm).


Gator Blade Options

For maximum efficiency, select the Gator mode with the same number of blades as your propeller. Alternatively, a two blade Gator may be used on a 2, 3, 4 or 5 blade propeller.

Gator Model Selection

Select the Gator model that matches the propeller shaft diameter ‘A’ . If there is a choice of models, choose the one with the hub diameter ‘B’ , being bigger than the propeller hub ‘F’ . Correctly completing the ‘Boat Details’ Section of the order form enables us to supply you with the correct Gator model.

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